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RT @littlehusky76: Packing for a camping trip is a great way to start hating everyone in your family.
June 10, 2018 - @grantgriesel666

@littlehusky76 I knew we had alot in common.
June 10, 2018 - @MahnkeaTaylor

@littlehusky76 That's packing for ANY trip especially with kids in tow....
June 9, 2018 - @sweetstixsofsin

RT @littlehusky76: Just shouted at someone entering a roundabout to "take it like a man!"
June 9, 2018 - @postfetus

RT @littlehusky76: I'm "damn, these Werther's candies are pretty good" years old.
June 9, 2018 - @JJons6

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